Cold days from the birdhouse (angry_man) wrote in anti_japanphile,
Cold days from the birdhouse

Some posts on otaku, Japan, and Japanese people

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An interesting post about "gaijin groupies", Japanese women who date foreign men just because they're foreign, and the idea of dating solely because of race.

It's not a very long post, but Clay, the artist of the webcomic Sexy Losers, who has lived in Japan for several years now, touches on some issues that are related to otaku and the way they view Japan. This isn't the first time that Clay has talked about issues pertaining to Japan though, in the context of otakudom, as a couple of years ago he made further posts about these things. (1) (2). I highly recommend the second article as it touches on the issue of otakus and trophy wives that he briefly discussed in the first link I gave.
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