Misha and Foomin (misha_z) wrote in anti_japanphile,
Misha and Foomin

the best costumes!

I was at an anime convention this past weekend, and it wouldn't be a good con if I didn't hear some Japan-loving BS.

A couple was loudly lamenting the fact that they couldn't cosplay as matching characters because one of their costume commissions hadn't arrived in time for the con. One of them had said to the other that they knew if they had bought a costume from someone within the country, that it would have arrived sooner, but ONLY GOOD COSTUMES ARE MADE IN JAPAN. They only order costumes made in Japan because they are the best and blah blah barf. It went on and on like this, with much consolations that should have been kept to their hotel room.

Riiiiiiight. I would have loved to have them repeat this in front of the cosplay judges or any of the cosplay/masquerade competitors. The stares of anger alone would have melted them to death.
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