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anti_japanphile's Journal

The Anti-Japanophilia Community
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Are you sick of the rampant Japanophilia among the larger percentage of anime and manga obsessed otaku? Sick of their need to act and speak like Japanese people, to imitate them in most every way, to even dress like them and eat the same foods and snacks and read the same magazines and listen to the same popular bands and musicians as the majority of Japanese citizens.

This obsession, this very "in" trend of female anime otaku wanting to be Japanese school girl stereotypes and male anime otaku wanting to be Japanese school boys and Japanese middle-aged men is a positively disturbing and unhealthy one.

Otaku of anime/manga feel like they need to learn the Japanese language, to both speak it and write and read the many forms of kanji and hiragana of it, simply so they don’t have to read subtitles or read "icky, evil" official professionally done translations of manga by big-name English language manga companies and distributors. As well, it helps them feel automatically superior, special and elite and seemingly more "cultured" than most people in some way, to be able to say things and understand things in Japanese. Many of them even more irritatingly like to boast about it, showing off their "sugoi Japanese skillz" to other fans of anime and manga as well as often just regular people who may or may not in fact care about these things.

These wannabe Japanese, or "Wapanese" let’s just call them, are positively overrunning the great wide internet and not to mention various comic and animation-themed conventions. Wherever there’s anime or simply just a mention of anime and/or manga, they’ll be there upfront exclaiming "Oh my god! How kawaii!" just to show off what little Japanese they recognize from watching subbed episodes of Sailor Moon or some other garbage.

Let us unite, friends, in our mutually shared despising of these people. Let’s rant to our heart’s content about them and mock their pointlessly long-winded Japanese website titles and nicknames on LJ and various web forums. Let’s outright seek out to destroy the fantasy-inspired delusions these people seem to have that Japan is an all-holy Mecca they must all one day make pilgrimage to, where they will be met by a paradise resplendent with beautiful young girls who constantly hide their faces and giggle and blush all perfectly charmingly feminine-like, fulfilling the very typically male idealized notion of what girls should be like, and where they will find an abundancy of manga and anime titles they can’t get over here since it hasn’t been licensed or translated officially yet (even though most of it will be in only a short matter of time, considering how marketable so much of it sadly is).

Let’s as well, freely and openly get into discussions and debates pertaining to all the bad points and not so likeable or flattering aspects about Japan and Japanese culture and society, and history. Anti-Japanophilia is the place where us misfits and outcasts (since we don’t worship Japan, that makes us something of that) can just express ourselves freely and openly, backing up our statements and theories with well constructed supportive arguments and pieces of evidence wherever applicable, without fear or risk of being flamed by angry lynch-mobs of anime freaks who curse you if you dare to blaspheme the holy name of their favorite nation.
One simple rule that must be enforced and adhered to at all times with this unique community: NO Otaku allowed or even tolerated.

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