Misha and Foomin (misha_z) wrote in anti_japanphile,
Misha and Foomin

More japanophilia

I welcome me to this comm!

There isn't much more I can add to the opinion that unreasonably valuing Japan over other countries is ridiculous, so I'll just show this here example:


This is from an anime forum. Someone specifically asked for examples of racism in anime and manga. There is a deleted post in the thread where the user flamed the thread author, calling them a hater and being all pissed off that someone dared say on an anime/manga forum that racism exists is Japan.

And then my dear Geisha Boy, the user with the kana name. No outright rude flames, but tries very hard to discourage the thread author from even writing a paper about racism in Japan, not once sticking to the topic by giving relevant examples or helping out. The logic? That racism exists everywhere, not just in Japan.

DUH! So no one in the whole world should write papers about racism ever again? That's what this sick Japanophile thinks. There's something even more wrong with this person than their Japanophilia!

It's weird that the night I had read this forum thread, I actually watched The Colbert Report which had Al Sharpton on, who made a comment that seemed as if he had read the thread as well. Something to the effect of ignoring racism will not make it go away.
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I don't have an account there and don't want to get one, but give them this article:
(free registration required, or use Bugmenot)
It really makes me wonder what's gonna happen when some of these Japanophiles actually go to visit Japan one day and find out that it's not going to be the Megatokyo-style paradise that it's always portrayed as. And as for that second link posted...wow...you would NEVER see a book or comic book called "Hating The European Wave" become a bestseller in the West. The fact that comics based on racism and discrimination becoming bestsellers in that country just shows that...well, then again, this is the nation where tentacle-rape cartoons become bestsellers, so there ya go.