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It's not just the anime and manga fans...

...Because if you happen to like rock'n'roll, and if some of the rock bands you like incidentally happen to be from Japan, the Wapanese will make your life hell.

Here's my favorite Wapanese story. I like metal and hard rock, and some of the bands I listen to happen to be Japanese. My favorite band is a Japanese metal band called X. I couldn't care less about how they're Japanese, they could be Kenyan or Icelandic or Portuguese for all I care, I just really, really like the music.

So, once upon a time several years ago, I found another X fan in real life and started talking to her. Like all Wapanese, she thought she was very open-minded and liked to constantly announce that to everyone. She decided she wanted to expand her musical horizons, so she asked me for band recommendations. X is heavily inspired by KISS (another band I particularly like), so knowing she's an X fan, I asked if she'd listened to KISS yet. Her reply went something like this:


Very open-minded, like I said. To this day I'm not sure what that has to do with anything, as personally, I wasn't aware that Paul's chest hair was audible on the albums.

Yo, anti_japanphile. I'm glad you exist and sorry to see you don't have more members and that no one's posted in so long.
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